Is it completely anonymous?

If you believe there may be negative ramifications should the receiver find out who ordered the product, we ask that you don't order. Our products are intended as a fun gag gift between friends and not an object to deliver hate. 

Buyer information is not included anywhere on the parcel, unless you include personal information in your personalized message. We ship from an anonymous PO Box, so the recipient will never know unless you tell.
If the recipient contacts us requesting the shipper information, we first contact the buyer to let them know of the recipients concern and see if there is a remedy for what may have been a simple misunderstanding. In a circumstance where we have researched and determined the buyer has broken our terms of service we may disclose the sender information to authorized officials. 

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    Well, it is helpful, but if this is indeed your terms of service then you need to change your name. It says "ship your ENEMIES glitter." I would never ship someone I liked a glitter bomb. I have tried cleaning that crap up myself after I have spilled it, so I would only ship it to someone that irritated the shit out of me, and if I have to be concerned that you will out me if the recipient contacts you then......not much help or fun. Oh well, it was a great idea until I read that. And, when I first heard about you folks all these rules did not seem to be in place, or I just couldn't find them and I doubt that as I searched to try to make sure it would be anonymous. Disapointed in what could have been a real funny prank.

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